Krinklewood Estate Vineyard Manager

Krinklewood Estate Pty Ltd
7 June 2021
712 Wollombi Road Broke, Singleton, Australia
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Closing Date
24th June 2021


The most beautiful vineyard estate in NSW. A French-inspired boutique Winery, Cellar Door & Vineyard, set on the banks of the Wollombi Brook, against the backdrop of the Brokenback Range. The established 150-acre vineyard (50 acres of grapes) has been certified Biodynamic & Organic since 2007 and produces on-site renowned wines with distinguished varietal character. The vineyard is treated as a living ecosystem and all operations are holistic and sustainable.

Krinklewood is seeking a hands-on vineyard manager who will work in conjunction with the Chief Winemaker and report directly to the family. Your mission will be to farm healthy soil, increasing yield, and delivering clean and super-premium fruit to the winery. You will work in an environment where land stewardship and a strong workplace health and safety culture are embraced.

The role of the vineyard manager at Krinklewood is primarily to ensure the efficient and viable operations of the vineyard and associated areas to achieve the highest possible quality grapes, produced under Organic and Biodynamic principles. This covers all aspects of grapevine physiology, phenology, plant health through pest and disease management as well as meeting certification criteria for Sustainable management practices. Also included are associated logistics and timing of all operations and management of resources including labor and equipment to ensure quality and yield goals are met.

Other responsibilities extend to management of the farm for the provision and production of site-produced inputs for sustainable management practices, oversight of landscaping and grounds maintenance, planning and evaluation of future vineyard development, and ensuring the ongoing development of staff resources.

Your role will include;

  • Day-to-day operations of machinery in the vineyard.
  • Pruning/Vine training and canopy management.
  • Pest, disease, and weed management.
  • Daily pre-start checks of plant and equipment.
  • Perform basic servicing and repairs of machinery.
  • Accurate record-keeping of spray applications and vineyard operations as required.
  • Keeping maintenance records up to date for all plant and equipment.
  • Participate and assist in implementing a culture of safety in the vineyard.
  • Follow Work Health and Safety procedures and company policies.
  • Undertake other day-to-day operations of the vineyard as required.
  • Participate in and provide all necessary documentation for all audits keeping environmental & sustainability commitments front of mind, including ensuring compliance to any relevant environmental laws and compliance obligations.

For this role you will need;

  • At least 3 years viticultural experience
  • Chemical User Permit or willingness to complete.
  • Have experience and knowledge of operating vineyard machinery
  • Organic and or Biodynamic experience
  • No herbicide viticulture management experience seen as a significant strength.
  • Good communication and time management skills
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Safety awareness
  • To be Flexible/adaptable/Reliable


Key Viticultural Management Requirements

  1. Pruning and structural grapevine management to achieve the best possible quality and yield outcomes. Understanding of capacity and yield metrics.


  1. Timing and scheduling of irrigation to ensure grapevine health and maintenance of canopy to ensure efficient and complete ripening of grapes.


  1. Spray program development and management to ensure the effective control of disease and pests.


  1. Ability to identify or pre-empt disease and pest issues in the vineyard and then implement an appropriate action plan.


  1. Management of vineyard Soil health and nutrition levels to ensure grapevine health and resilience, including the management of weeds, cover crops, as well as soil carbon, water holding capacity, and available nutrients.


  1. Upkeep and maintenance of all equipment required to run an effective vineyard management program including vineyard infrastructure, irrigation, and plant, and equipment


Must have Knowledge base - In-depth understanding of the following:

Grapevine Physiology

Vineyard and Grapevine management

Organic and Biodynamic management practices and principles

Vineyard equipment operations and mechanical skills with this equipment

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