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Nestled between the Brokenback Range and Wollombi Brook, Krinklewood is a French-inspired biodynamic winery and cellar door. Come, ponder and unwind with award-winning wines, sprawling gardens, and sun-drenched scenery. From the 49 acres of grapevines ripening under the fiery sun to the thermal pools underway in the flowing brook; Krinklewood marches to the natural rhythm of the cosmos. Our secluded, French-inspired biodynamic winery and cellar door sits among tranquil countryside, cradled by the spectacular Brokenback Range and Wollombi Brook. We breathe a quintessential wine-country essence, with a sprawling oasis of Provencal gardens, fountains, sun-drenched lawns, sculpted sandstone, and even a labyrinth. Our cellar door extends to a courtyard bathed in dappled sunlight, shaded by pockets of lush green, and shared with a flock of roaming peacocks.

No ordinary vineyard estate, we’re turning ourselves toward a cultural landscape of sustainability, resident artists, good food, and exceptionally expressive wine that taste of the very region - the soil, the cool micro-climate of our Hunter sub-region, the sunshine, and the rain.

Every sunrise brings a renewed vow to make Krinklewood as sustainable as we can, with deep reverence to life, enduring far beyond our time! We can’t wait to welcome you to the almost-finished architect-designed eco-cottages, to tempt you with the most French Rosé you'll find in Australia, or leave you to simply roam the Provençal gardens. We’re excited to share our classic and distinctive blends and vintages, our Basket Press Wines, and of course our ever-popular Wild range.

Each day here is a love letter to the future, as we forge a new forever. Come, ponder, and unwind with us.

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