Chêne Bleu

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Chêne Bleu has one of the highest wineries in the Vaucluse department at an altitude of 550m. The vines are protected by a mountain saddle, expressing the individual character of the terroir. All the experts agree that it is an exceptional site for growing grapes due to its complex clay and limestone solis, its varied exposures and slopes, its isolation and altitude.

In the winery, grapes are selected twice, on separate sorting tables. Our State of the Art equipment includes a Vaslin press: the closed cylinder with its pneumatic bag ensures gentle pressing with less risk of excess tannin extraction and oxidation.  Fermentation vessels: 3 conical oak tanks for natural micro-oxygenation for some reds.  22 temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for some reds, all whites and rosés. Storage: 17 concrete tanks which provide a stable, inert environment to hold the wine between fermentation and barrel ageing. A selection of French coopers supply the best oak barrels.


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