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Established in 2015, Bec Hardy Wines is a family-owned wine business based in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Bec is a 6th generation member of and the first female vigneron from one of Australia’s oldest wine families, the Hardys.

The Hardy name has been synonymous with South Australian wine since the 1850s and Bec Hardy continues that tradition, building on the experience and reputation of her predecessors.

Bec’s family has been tending vineyards in the premium maritime region of McLaren Vale since her great-great-great grandfather, Thomas Hardy, arrived from the UK in 1850. Thomas was the region’s first settler and is widely regarded as the father of the South Australian wine industry.

Just like her father Geoff left the family company in 1980, Bec is now making her own way in the Australian wine world with Bec Hardy Wines, with a modern twist on 170 years of winemaking heritage.

In 2020, Bec took over the ownership and running of the Pertaringa brand together with her husband and company Managing Director Richard Dolan. Bec and Richard live at their Tipsy Hill vineyard in McLaren Vale with their daughter Matilda and wine dog, Churchill.

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