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Fanselow Bell located in Marlborough, one of New Zealand premium wine growing regions.  We have an ever-increasing local and national client list, from small businesses to large corporations who call on our services and expertise for all workplace and staff management issues.  We are passionate about the Wine Industry in New Zealand. Through the life-cycle of employment, from pre-recruitment right through to retirement, Fanselow Bell is on hand to provide pragmatic and straight-talking advice targeted at improving businesses’ overall performance and bottom-line. Our combined expertise and alliances with specialised service providers means we have a broad range of resources to pull from to offer clients a one-stop shop for all employment matters, including but not limited to:  

Executive recruitment
Formal employee relations support
People management policies, procedures and practices
Remuneration and benefit design and implementation
Compliance with the ERA, Holidays Act and health and safety legislation

Committed and competent professionals with combined experience of over 100 years, the team at Fanselow Bell Human Resources also believe in balance and know how to have fun at the same time as delivering serious, effective results.
Fanselow Bell Human Resources - utilising People to help Business achieve Success
How we help
The Fanselow Bell team has the proven expertise to deliver a full range of cost-effective and cohesive Human Resources services for organisations ranging from small family-owned businesses to large-scale corporate. Whatever the issue, whether it be that your team is not working productively, you are spending too much time on people issues, you have gaps in your team and need to recruit to bring in new skills, the team is not committed to the organisation, there is high staff turnover, union issues, or your staff are not as effective in their role as they should be, Fanselow Bell takes a hands-on approach to finding solutions. 

Full service executive recruitment, we partner with you to ensure you get the very best person for your company.  We provide a comprehensive range of testing both skills and psychometric , along with comprehensive verification checks.

We have an extensive talent database of pre screened candidates available for work now

We provide end-to-end HR services, from the development of good recruitment practice, employment agreements, position descriptions, remuneration and benefit design and implementation; to managing staff retirement and redundancy, and succession planning.   
Focused on prevention rather than cure, our specialists work alongside employers and business managers to develop measures to ensure compliance with the ERA, Holidays Act and health and safety legislation, and minimise the risk of problems arising.   
We have the resources to develop and help implement policies and practices that support good people management, including advice on managing difficult employment situations, such as disciplinary or staff performance matters.   
Fanselow Bell runs programmes and develops toolkits to help employers deal with workplace issues and improve productivity. These range from leadership programmes that equip business leaders with the skills to effectively lead their teams, to toolkits dealing with issues such as performance management and appraisal, and dealing with absenteeism.   
We have strategic alliances with a number of specialised service providers, who we deal with on your behalf, for the provision of legal and remunerations services as well as market pay data. We also have relationships with training providers and can direct employers to the appropriate channels if upskilling is needed.

Fanselow Bell Ltd
103 Market Street
PO Box 1043
Tel: +64 3 579 4794
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