3 Quick Tips on Attracting the Right Candidates with Job Ads


Don’t leave candidates in the dark when applying for an advertised position. If your job ad is only describing the role in question, you are not giving the candidate the full story.

When candidates are applying for a role, they are also applying to join a community. What does that community look like and is it a right fit for them?

Here are three tips when preparing job ads that will help you attract the right candidates:

Graphics and language

Your logo and any unique graphics give the jobseeker the feeling that your company is important.

The way your company looks on the internet can affect the attitude of the seeker looking at your posting.

Accentuate your company’s personality and image through use of language and images so that the job seeker gets a true feel of the culture of your organisation.

Employee testimonials

If the job site where you are posting your employment ad has a video option, this is a great opportunity for getting employees to talk about why they enjoy working at the organisation. It reassures the candidate that the company is looking after its staff and puts a face to the business name. Written staff testimonials on the company description is another option where videos are not possible.

Sell your company

The section of your job posting that describes your company is a great selling opportunity. It should explain why your company is a great place to work and why it is becoming even better. Include your company’s mission / vision statement here and other selling points that you believe would be important to prospective candidates – eg career advancement, training, company growth.

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By Elizabeth Bouzoudis